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Medial confluence of the breasts Cowboys Cole Beasley Jersey , known as symmastia, occurs when two breast implants touch or are very close to one another in the center of the chest just above the sternum in the cleavage area. This occurrence, which can produce a web across the midline, is commonly referred to as bread loafing or uniboob, giving the appearance of tow breasts connected underneath the skin as the skin and tissue is pushed up. A possible consequence of unopposed muscle action with overzealous medial release causing aesthetic disfigurement and additional issues with discomfort and apparel problems Cowboys Travis Frederick Jersey , symmastia is a difficult surgical complication to address. Patients with multiple breast operations, excessively large implants or overaggressive medial dissection are susceptible to developing symmastia. Symmastia seems to be more prevalent among thin women mainly due to the fact that thin women usually have less tissue or fat covering the sternum. Also, patients with pectus excavatum, a depressed breastbone, are more prone to symmastia. Pectus excavatum may cause the implants to slope inward Cowboys Zack Martin Jersey , toward the cleavage area, creating more pressure on the tissues in that area, resulting in symmastia. Attempts to increase cleavage by releasing the soft tissues or inner origins of the pectoralis muscles lead to symmastia by surgically interrupting the natural barriers of tissue and muscle at the medial location of the breasts where the cleavage is normally defined. For instance, if the horizontal muscle, which lies on top of the sternum dividing the implants Cowboys Tyron Smith Jersey , is cut, then the possibility of the implants settling towards the middle of the chest is increased. This complication may occur when implants are placed either underneath or above the pectoral muscle. Symmastia is difficult to treat and recurrence is common. Correction requires combined restoration of the initial presternal subcutaneous integrity and medial closure of the pocket. In order to repair symmastia, the space between the 2 implants must be securely closed off. The combination of medial closure of the breast implant pockets and suturing of the preseternal soft tissue to the sternum periosteum provides one satisfactory option to the surgical reconstruction of symmastia. Often, it is necessary to  pen the breast implant pocket laterally (to the sides) to decrease pressure along the cleavage area. There are several methods used to correct the deformity, such as allogenic dermal grafting Cowboys Jason Witten Jersey , fibrin-based tissue glue, and delayed filling of an adjustable implant. Before the surgical procedure, careful markings are done with the patient in the upright and laying position. Often, symmastia co-exists with other breast implant malposition problems and breast asymmetry. These issues should be addressed as well. In the operating room, the implants are removed and the external drawings are transposed internally with needle and dye technique (tattoo). This allows accurate placement of sutures to close off the overly expanded breast implant pocket. Prior to suture placement Xavier Woods Jersey , however, the excess breast implant pocket capsule (scar) is removed (capsulectomy).   Pousti symmastia correction patients who are very happy with their results This 21 year old patient from Bonita, California came to see Dr. Pousti for revisionary surgery. She had gone to Mexico for her first surgery and ended up with symmastia of the breasts. Symmastia - commonly referred to as "breadloafing" or "uni-boob", occurs when two implants touch one another in the center of the chest. If the horizontal muscle that is connected to the sternum and goes across the implant is cut during surgery Jourdan Lewis Jersey , then the implant can move toward the middle of the chest. Symmastia results from overly aggressive attempts to alter chestwall anatomy trying to increase cleavage in patients. This outcome is made worse by use of larger implants in thin patients, and is a problem for implants over or under the muscle, though submuscular implant placement allows the muscle to provide some softening of the transition to the cleavage area from the augmented breast mound. She wanted a good cosmetic surgeon in San Diego who was board certified and found Dr. Pousti. She has just recently gone through symmastia reconstruction and is allowing us to show her progress. This 30-year-old patient from Claremont, California has come to Dr. Pousti in need of revisionary surgery of her breast implant placement. Symmastia - commonly referred to as "breadloafing" or "uni-boob", occurs when two implants touch one another in the center of the chest. If the horizontal muscle that is connected to the sternum and goes across the implant is cut during surgery Chidobe Awuzie Jersey , then the implant can move toward the middle of the chest. SymmastiAn. Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys Shop   Cheap Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap NFL Sports Jerseys   Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys From China


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