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by Fiona Vella

VALLETTA Wholesale Phoenix Suns Jerseys , Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- A century ago, many countries hadto deal with the onset of World War I which was supposed to be thewar to end all wars. Yet, a few years later, the reality of WorldWar II ravaged again many people's lives, as it devastated theirmotherland, their homes and their existence.

Memories of these bitter times are recorded in various museumsaround the world. However, it is inspiring to notice that theseexhibitions do not revolve only around the theme of war but theyalso display how people confronted and survived these crucialmoments Wholesale Philadelphia 76ers Jerseys , and how the ugliness of war never stopped their urge tolive and love.

During a recent visit to the Malta National War Museum inValletta, wherein I was accompanied by Curator Charles Debono, Idiscovered how five particular items -- a British Empire Medal, anRAF side cap, a uniform jacket, a tankard won at a sports event,and part of a manifold of a Lockheed P38 Lightning aircraft --formed part of a fantastic narrative about a famous English couplewho met in Malta and were united and separated by war.

Adrian Warburton was born in Middlesborough in 1918. At first Wholesale Orlando Magic Jerseys ,he did not have a good reputation with the British army because hewas not considered to be a good pilot. However, later, hisdare-devil acts often helped the army to plan effective attacks onthe enemy and he was awarded twice the prestigious DistinguishedService Order. On Sept. 6, 1940, Warburton was transferred on dutyto Malta and soon he distinguished himself for his fearlessattitude.

Christina Ratcliffe was a dancer who was stranded in Malta whenItaly declared war on Britain and France on June 10, 1940. To earna living, she and her friends set up an ensemble which they calledthe Whizz Bangs and provided entertainment for the troops.

The couple met when Warburton approached Ratcliffe in order togive her his condolences for the death of a friend. Having oftenheard about Warburton's outstanding attitude and now admiring hisgood looks Wholesale Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys , Ratcliffe was love-struck immediately.

In 1939, Warburton had married Eileen Mitchell but he left herwhen he found out that she was divorced and had a child. Yet inRatcliffe, who was beautiful, charismatic and adventurous, hediscovered a soul mate and soon they became one of the mostrenowned couples at the time.

Some years later, Christina volunteered with the RAF as atelephonist and later as a plotter at the underground WarHeadquarters in Valletta. She was eventually appointed Captain of DWatch and then became the assistant to the Controller, thus havingto abandon the Whizz Bangs group. In 1943 Wholesale New York Knicks Jerseys , she was awarded theBritish Empire Medal in recognition of her work during World WarII.

This love story came to an abrupt end when on April 12, 1944,Warburton was sent on a reconnaissance mission, during which he wassupposed to take some photos over Germany, but he never returned.After this incident, Ratcliffe changed drastically. Her neighborsrecall that she became a recluse, preferring to drown herloneliness in alcohol and to live in isolation in her apartment at73 Wholesale New Orleans Pelicans Jerseys , Vilhena Terrace, Vilhena Street, Floriana, forever waiting forher Warby to return to her.

During her lifetime, Ratcliffe donated her medal together withthe uniform and the tankard which belonged to her belovedWarburton, to the Malta National War Museum in Valletta. In 1988,she died impoverished and apparently her neighbors paid for herfuneral.

I decided to visit the Addolorata Cemetery in Paola whereRatcliffe is buried. Eman Bonnici Wholesale Minnesota Timberwolves Jerseys , who is the cemetery's assistantlibrarian and a researcher of this site, led me to her restingplace. He informed me that her grave, which is marked no. 4, and issituated in the East Division, Section MA-D, is regularly visitedby foreigners, particularly from England and Scotland Wholesale Milwaukee Bucks Jerseys , who come tothis cemetery in order to pay their tribute to a heroine of such aturbulent but fascinating love affair.

It was finally in 2002 when Warburton's fate was identified,after Frank Dorber, a Welsh aviation researcher, discovered hisremains in the cockpit of his wrecked plane, buried about twometers deep in a field near the Bavarian village of Egling an derPaar, 34 miles west of Munich. An examination of his aircraftshowed that one of the propellers had bullet holes in it, therebyindicating that Warburton had been shot down.

According to Commonwealth regulations Wholesale Miami Heat Jerseys , Warburton was given aformal funeral on May 14, 2003 and he was buried at the DurnbachCommonwealth War Cemetery, during which strangely, his wife Eileenalso attended.

Yet many, who are captivated by this love story, often questionwhether it is time to re-unite these two lovers. Enditem

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Anatomy of Joints

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