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Murano necklaces have graced women's fashion scene for centuries. These lovely necklaces are made out of Murano beads that come in a wide range of colors Cheap Dallas Mavericks Jerseys , shapes and sizes. Carefully chosen beads are strung into a necklace and enhanced with precious stones and metals. These simple yet beautiful necklaces reflect an unmatched class, style and elegance.

A bit about Murano beads

Essentially, Murano beads are glass beads. They have been inspired by the glass artists of Venice and have been in vogue since 1291 AD. Over the years, glass artists have experimented with different manufacturing processes and come up with different finished products including multicolored glass, imitation gemstones, enameled glass, gold threaded glass, crystalline glass, milk glass and several more.

Murano beads of different colors are obtained by mixing different metals in very precise quantities. For example, mixing cobalt and copper makes an aquamarine murano bead. Gold solution is used to develop a ruby red bead. A lot of care and effort goes into manufacturing these delicate glass beads because chemical compounds need to be mixed in accurate proportions. Most of the highest quality Murano beads are hand crafted.

Beads that are prepared with such a lot of precision are beaded into attractive patterns to create stunning Murano necklaces. Although Murano necklaces are available all over the world in online as well as land based stores, the two most famous destinations for these jewelry pieces are Venice and Murano in Italy.

Murano necklaces for all occasions and dresses

Women of all strata and social standing have patronized Murano glass necklaces. European royalty has been seen sporting these rich jewelry accessories. In the modern times, these necklaces are in hot fashion and have been a part of international fashion shows and haute couture. The good thing about this jewelry is its versatility or flexibility. It blends in with any kind of dress or occasion, be it a casual get together or a more formal cocktail party. Also, because they are available in so many colors, you can invariably find a design that matches your clothes.

Besides the luster and bright colors, texture is a major feature of Murano jewelry. You can find necklaces made up of beads featuring decorative thorns Cheap Denver Nuggets Jerseys , animal prints, chunks and a depth that makes them resemble precious stones. In order to bring out the beauty of these necklaces in the best possible manner, necklace designers mix different textures. For example, beads with raised flower prints are teamed with decorative thorns to give a theme to the necklace and enhance its beauty. Animal prints are extremely popular in Murano necklaces. You can find necklaces designed in themes of giraffe, zebra, snake, alligator, panda and leopard.

Murano necklace - a compulsory part of a woman's jewelry collection

Murano should be a part of every woman's jewelry collection because these necklaces are dazzlingly beautiful, extremely endearing, versatile and rich. Whether you wear just a Murano pendant on a thin gold or silver string, or wear a more elaborate necklace, Murano never fails to create a style statement.

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